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Why I prefer to spend time with people in their 80s.

Naples Humane Society, FL summer 2016

I have ulcerative colitis and even though I’ve fought VERY, very hard to still be here today, it has defined me in a variety of ways. Have I tried on numerous wavelengths to erase the grip UC has on my life? Yes. Have I ignored it when my body was clearly trying to tell me something because I’ve been desperately trying to be “normal”? Yes. Have I infantilized the significant physical pain that my immune system inflicts on me to protect the people that love me? Yes. To think I am protecting myself by not asking for help? Absolutely.

I’ve done all of these things.. all of the time. And I’m ready to say it’s my body’s turn to do the talking.

I get along with people in their old age because I feel like my physical body is right there with them. My spirit has been dampened like a gas fire put out by a dirty, wet, wool blanket.. with mold on it. Making damn sure that that fire is put out. But the seemingly infinite amount of resilience I hold inside my spirit slowly re-ignites that fire. Even if I feel like a climber with only fingertips left holding on for dear life, grasping the rock face of El Capitan, I will not let go and not give up. My muscles may begin to cramp, a welting bead of sweat may drip down my cheek, I will not let my fingers slip. Because even though I feel like a 90 year old woman who has lived an incredibly full life and living in a failing body; that spirit of mine is still within me.

I love the much older people I talk to because of how much life they have lived. Imparting wisdom to those that you love is an act filled with rich significance. Having a failing body is just what you may be given, age is irrelevant. So this is why I prefer to spend time with people in their 80s. Because we have so much in common ❤️

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