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A Different Way

Updated: Apr 16



Then there came the moment she learned,

she had been abandoning herself all along.

The retch came from within her muscles, her stomach and her pelvis.

The tears were hot and deep


She knew this came from long ago.

When she was young.

Hiding from her brother.

Alone in her room.

Curled up in the corner.


She wasn’t sure who would come for her.

A female police officer finally did.

And she felt a bit safer again.


She’s been attempting to fix others her whole life

But today she felt deep inside of her soul

That she can’t any longer.


There is too much pain out there to be quelled.



She is such a remarkable person.

A deeply beautiful, courageous, smart human.

Who deserves to focus on quelling her own pains

With others helping her too


She deserved the warmth and protection she was not given

as a child in a chaotic home

She was deserving of the loving space that was never given

Always taken up by him.


So she has held her value in helping others

Fixing their problems.

That was her role all along.

Isn’t that love? Isn’t that how I am supposed to earn love?


Until she learned it doesn’t always have to be.



Maybe things could be different

Space could be held for her

So she learns that space can also be held for others

Not to fix anything

Maybe that’s not what is needed

Maybe just space



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