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Female Anger

Some women have pushed anger so deep inside of themselves that they have forgotten it even exists. To the point where it is doubtful if it will ever be felt or seen again. Another group of women have equally as deep of a well of anger, but once they learn what it feels like to express it, they lean in and let it fly. Their rage turns into a fire hose from years of silence, from generations of oppression. Their anger is wildly uncontrolled. It comes from the seemingly shy and quiet women, the rage that is underneath the taught numbness. This rage is untamed and volatile. The women in the third group have done a lot of healing work. We have gone to thousands of hours of different types of therapy, breathwork, many minutes of primal screaming, retreats, and for me, a large number of terrible days and nights where I thought that I was going to die. Those times of questioning mortality change a person. Shape them and their anger.

This third group of women have anger and have worked hard to express it in a natural and clear way. A balanced way if you will. We hold anger tightly and are still navigating its expression. Because sometimes, it does feel like a fire hose of rage, and sometimes it is covered up by numbness. But, in the end, we know that it is necessary to express this emotion in its beautiful forms.

We need anger in all of its forms. Especially those of us born as female..

Please, I urge us to express the anger that we have been shamed to not feel, silenced through generations of women carrying all of the weight. We are angry, and it is understandable as to why.

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